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Business Outline

​Injection molding of plastic

We heat materials and melt and I add pressure and produce products 

by filling, a method called the injection molding to mold automatically in a die fast.


We make a part in-house and assemble it and make one product.

Trial manufacture/Mass production/Small lot

Main molded parts

  • Head light lens

  • Rear Lens

  • Interior parts

  • Side visor etc.

Main equipment
Hishiya Seiko                    80t 1 unit 
Sumitomo Heavy Industries   450t 1 unit
Japan Steel Works              350t 1 unit
                                      450t 1 units, 650t 1 unit
                                      850t 2 units, 1300t 1 unit.

We cope from trial manufacture to small lot, a mass production.

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